not a brilliant scan… it looks better in the flesh and will try and upload a new scan soon. This is my second attempt at a coloured pencil sketch and it’s one of my favourite images I’ve ever created, if I do say so myself 🙂

click for larger



 ooh not a very good scan but this is just the first draft

rough draft and first attempt at coloured pencils. Will add more detail in photoshop soon and will just keep practicing pencil sketches. Am enjoying the organic feel of drawing at the mo. Click for larger image 🙂


just something cute i did over the weekend. I used the word ‘resolve’ in the baby’s determination to walk (click for larger image)


The Artful Dodger, the epitomy of clandestine! My first black and white (ish) image too. I worked from the description in the book rather than having other characters take over my perception of it. (click for larger image)


a bit of a difficult topic this week i think. I must admit to looking at every so often to re-check what that word meant!


A Rapunzel to go with my witch.

A Witch

here’s mah piccy of a witch based on a television telling of Rapunzel. The witch was described as a powerful and incredibly smelly witch who was dreaded by all the world. and that she also smelt a really horrible foul smelly sock sort of smell and made a squelching, burping sort of a noise.

(clicky = full size)


another trying something different thing from me in that its not an image of a scene. It’s slightly more surreal to what i’m used to doing, and her face still makes me go ‘awww’ (clicky clicky for larger pic).


my niece again who is fast becoming my muse. Let’s just hope she doesn’t turn ugly any time soon. This illustration started life as a photo which I then sketched, photoshopped and textured like a fury. This probably took the longest out of all my illustrations, but my pedant nature over the leafy texture and shading has paid off (click for larger image).


t-shirt design for acoustic punk band The Bad Shepherds (click for larger image)

Lost Sheep Tour

back of t-shirt for The Lost Sheep Tour